Melbourne International Jazz Festival

JOE CHINDAMO TRIO (AUS) Internationally renowned for seducing his audiences around the world with his inimitable style and noted as being Australia’s premier jazz pianist and composer, multi-award winning Joe Chindamo is a master of interpreting standards and inventing mesmerizing original works. Having fashioned an impressive and highly successful solo career, Chindamo is also credited... Continue Reading →

Pieces of Mind: Simon Taylor

Humorous, edifying, literally amazing: words that accurately and succinctly describe Pieces of Mind. This summation alone however is not quite enough to cut the review-mustard, so I will continue. One only needs to read the official press release for Simon Taylor’s Pieces of Mind to be hooked. Promoted as being a 60 minute performance that... Continue Reading →

Words That Saved Me Once…

Get on the coat tails of someone with a plan, make your own, make a mistake, don't care about it, go on a backpacker tour, get a job that makes you laugh, meet some people, lose some people, find some more. Find your smile...

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