MEMORIES & THE CITY Having always been attracted to the mystic allure of all things reminiscent of Arabian Nights,[1] I find the topic of ‘The Orient’ and the way in which it is commonly represented in travel writing to be of great interest. As such, I have selected two extended pieces by two travel writers... Continue Reading →


Under the Egyptian Stars…

Just for a minute, stop thinking about whatever it is in your mind: pause, breathe and picture a world quite unlike the one you’re currently involved in. Picture a world where isolation from the real world fuels your blood flow and the air is a blend of musty ancient grandeur and distant contemporary hype. Now... Continue Reading →

Wandering Through Chaos

A Look At The Hectic, Eccentric Side Of Egypt. It goes without saying really, that the array of images that come to one’s mind when the topic of Egypt is introduced in any conversation, regardless of context, begin with the dazzling burial mask of Tutankhamun and the pyramids; followed closely by the Sphinx, the cliffs... Continue Reading →

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