Integrated Marketing Communications

Why do advertisers need to understand this concept? The topic of integrated marketing communications (IMC) has over the last two decades, developed into one of the most controversial areas of research within the marketing communications arena.  It has found increasing acceptance as a theoretical concept, idea, technique and common term of rhetoric amongst advertising and... Continue Reading →

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Corporate Social Responsibility

The rise of socially responsible and transparent business principles Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has grown to become a matter of increasing concern and relevance in today’s business economy, wherein the vision to promote transparent business accountability to major stakeholders as well as sustainable business practice within the operating environment, is now of unprecedented importance. Whilst... Continue Reading →

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MEMORIES & THE CITY Having always been attracted to the mystic allure of all things reminiscent of Arabian Nights,[1] I find the topic of ‘The Orient’ and the way in which it is commonly represented in travel writing to be of great interest. As such, I have selected two extended pieces by two travel writers... Continue Reading →

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Pieces of Mind: Simon Taylor

Humorous, edifying, literally amazing: words that accurately and succinctly describe Pieces of Mind. This summation alone however is not quite enough to cut the review-mustard, so I will continue. One only needs to read the official press release for Simon Taylor’s Pieces of Mind to be hooked. Promoted as being a 60 minute performance that... Continue Reading →

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Wandering Through Chaos

A Look At The Hectic, Eccentric Side Of Egypt. It goes without saying really, that the array of images that come to one’s mind when the topic of Egypt is introduced in any conversation, regardless of context, begin with the dazzling burial mask of Tutankhamun and the pyramids; followed closely by the Sphinx, the cliffs... Continue Reading →

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  EVITA King’s Theatre, Glasgow Until: Saturday 15th June 2013 Performance Reviewed: Tuesday 4th June 2013 Rating: * * * * It is a big call to make as a theatre reviewer, to claim that a particular play is the best you have ever seen; but Bob Tomson and Bill Kenwright’s Evita is just... Continue Reading →

Goodnight Mister Tom

King’s Theatre, Glasgow Until Saturday 6 April Performance Reviewed: Tuesday 2 April Rating: * * * * Michelle Magorian’s Goodnight Mister Tom has become a worldwide literary success since its publication in 1981. Fuelled by its own success of uniting the generations within its audiences and so vividly portraying human emotion in its most raw... Continue Reading →


Tomorrow marks the 11th anniversary of the day a plane slammed into floors 93-99 of One World Trade Centre: the exact levels that housed the offices of Marsh McLennan: the 93rd level in particular, that my dad called, his office. I’m not sure why I am writing this, why now or why at all. My... Continue Reading →

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