Melbourne International Jazz Festival


Internationally renowned for seducing his audiences around the world with his inimitable style and noted as being Australia’s premier jazz pianist and composer, multi-award winning Joe Chindamo is a master of interpreting standards and inventing mesmerizing original works.

Having fashioned an impressive and highly successful solo career, Chindamo is also credited with having worked alongside Billy Cobham, Shirley Bassey, Dame Kiri Te Kanawa  and Olivia Newton John to name a mere few.  With or without support however, Chindamo is a rare breed of musician you need only watch for a brief moment to realise that he lives and breathes his passion.

The depth of his talent as exhibitioned in this year’s International Jazz Festival, is manifest in his performance alongside long-term collaborators Phil Rex and Rajiv Jayaweera. Representing himself with what seems a casual ease, Chindamo comes across as an artist that is suave and sophisticated, calm and laidback; a true master of his craft.

Chindamo’s delivery seems unrehearsed, unscripted and off-the-cuff, yet the professionalism and cohesion between he and his two partners is unwaveringly apparent. Interaction with the audience is outstanding; it is kept to a minimum yet that which is said is not only witty, but is done so with an aura of comfortable familiarity, the result of which is the establishment of a relaxed ambience. His commitment to his performance from piece to piece is absolute; whether he sits cross-legged at the piano or hunched over the keys with unwavering focus, as an audience member you are transfixed by the way he plays and can’t help but lose yourself in the truly hypnotic sounds he and his collaborators emit.

I can not speak highly enough of this man, his talent and his rapport with his collaborators. Please, go see him!


Taryn Pollock

Taryn Pollock is a reviewer for ArtsHub.



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