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10 Things I Know About You

It was hard to believe he could top last year’s performance, Pieces of Mind, but 23 year old qualified psychology student turned entertainer, Simon Taylor, has done it again! Whilst last year, Pieces of Mind, used mind games to teach audiences how to trick themselves into feeling happier, educated them on how to spot their lies and allowed them the ability to better interpret their own thoughts¸10 Things I Know About You is 50 minutes of intelligent comedy, high kicks, mirror balls and moon-walking to the Jackson 5, that not only reiterates similar convictions, but will leave you convinced if you weren’t already so, that Simon Taylor truly is a master of his craft and a master of the mind.

In essence, 10 Things I Know About You is an edifying exploration in to the ways in which our mind brings to life our emotions, our senses and our euphoric desires. Broken down in to 4 sub-categories; morality, happiness, language and love, 10 Things I Know About You  is Taylor’s blank canvas upon which he explores and validates each concept with a myriad of entertaining demonstrations that will leave his audience either in stitches, or in awe. Probably both.

Of morality, Taylor introduces the notion that our inconsistent sense of morality and inner guilt see us live by reciprocity; only if we receive (‘for free’) do we feel compelled to give…“money to those ‘squeegee wind-screen-wiper-guys’ at traffic lights.” Of happiness, he urges by way of his song First World Blues, that we, as a society of privileged urban whingers, need only lower our expectations to find happiness. Of language, he shares his love of its versatility, complexity and nonsense by taking one long deep breath and listing every coffee known to those who know and do coffee best…Arts students. Of love, well, he deconstructs it. With an electric guitar and a well-allocated ‘mum joke,’ Taylor exposes it as being an emotion based on adrenalin, fear and familiarity.

Taylor’s delivery and the true strength of his talent, is multifaceted. His passion for revealing the inner-workings of the human psyche is married with his incredible ability to engage with his audience, involve them, stimulate them, interact with them. His performance is well written, concise, fluent and engaging.

Highlights include the intermittent “Myth Time” segments that punctuate his discussions, his inclination to support every point with a dance move, the introduction of the term “slab of bogans,” the re-invention of the word “individual” and his finale.

10 Things I Know About You is a performance that opens with a statement issuing a challenge and closes with the fulfilment of a promise: it is a unique blend of laughter and learning and its success is a testament to Simon Taylor’s intelligence and creativity.


10 Things I Know About You

Trades Hall – New Ballroom

21st September – 8th October

Taryn Pollock

Taryn Pollock is a reviewer for ArtsHub


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